How to get the staggered drift look for your car.

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It’s all about the huge rears hoops out back here.  A staggered fitment basically means that the wheels on the back of the vehicle are wider than the front. 18×8.5 on the front and 18×9.5 or 10 on the rear is the most common setup. This is typically done on rear wheel drive cars such as Skyline, S14, Nissan 350Z, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW and other performance cars.

Running wider wheels on the drive wheels means more grip on acceleration, and, from an aesthetic perspective, large lips like Finichi or a bodacious concaveness like the Rota Wheels.

A staggered fitment can rarely mean a larger diameter wheels on rear, like 17″ diameter on the front and 18″ diameter on rear on the Crossfire.


Rota Torque Drift 17/18

Rota Torque Drift

Rota Grid Drift 16/17/18 split sizes

Rota Grid Drift

Rota GTR Drift

Rota GTR Drift

Rota Drift 18x10

Rota Drift

Rota GTLM br19


Finichi Firenze br19/20

Finichi Firenze

Lenso D1R 17/18

Lenso D1R

Dotz Hanzo 18/19

Dotz Hanzo

Drifting was defined in the All Japan Touring Car Championship races around 30 years ago.  Bias ply racing tyres of the 70s lent themselves to a sideways driving style. Pro racers in Japan drove this way, so did the street racers.

Drifting these days is judged on line, angle, speed, and show factor. Line involves taking the correct line, which is usually announced beforehand by judges. Angle is the angle of a car in a drift, speed is the speed entering a turn, the speed through a turn, and the speed exiting the turn; faster is better. The show factor is based on multiple things, such as the amount of smoke, how close the car is to the wall, and the crowd’s reaction.

Nearly all the cars will be running this setup. Check out the 350z below from the guys at Sumo Power

Learn how to Drift.

Do you have what it takes to get a car sideways, under control? Here’s a great video to watch for pointers.

Learn To DriftThe most amazing bloopers are here

Hope you like our article on Staggered fitment Drift wheels. Who’s fitted a staggered fit to their car? Was it what you were after or did you need to do some extra modifications in your application. We’d really like to know how you got on.

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11 Responses to “How to get the staggered drift look for your car.”

  1. Amy

    08. May, 2009

    Great Topic love the drifting scene this is a don’t try this at home video but a bit of knowledge goes a long way might have to look into drift school now!!!

  2. Simon

    08. May, 2009

    Rota GTR is a total classic

  3. Duncan

    08. May, 2009

    Loving the 10″ wide rims! You’ll need a serious tyre for those bad boys!

  4. doriyaro

    20. May, 2009

    ROTA GTR are not a total classic, they’re just copies of original Volk Skyline rims.
    Rota sucks big time period!!!

  5. Simon Morton

    21. May, 2009

    a easier to get hold of than volk skyline rims though 😉


    24. May, 2009


    Why are you showin pics of cars rockin Rays and Do Luck’s etc?

    but your advertising Rota’s and Dotz?

    Knock off wheeeels brah!


  7. Nick

    25. May, 2009

    Hi Scweet

    It’s just a picture to illustrate a style? We haven’t mentioned Rays or Do-Luck? If you want Rays go to Co-Ord Sport and Sumo Power for DoLuck. That’s what they do.
    Why Rota and Dotz? Because they have superb UK distributors who hold big stocks in a wide range of fitments and also offer excellent backup for customers.

    Knock off wheels? I can assure you they are not stolen but they did come off the back of a lorry at some point. If you mean rip offs, then tell that to the 1000’s of cars at JapFest and most of this years Drift Teams. They seem pretty happy.

    I suggest you go read another JDM mag before bedtime and start saving up for your wheels, brah.

  8. nathan_kurt

    26. May, 2009

    will this staggered drift look will be alright on a honda crv 2003? just wondering coz I’m going to buy new set of alloy for my car.

  9. Nick

    26. May, 2009

    Hi Nathan. The staggered setup is only for big power RWD sports models. You need something like a 17×7 or 17×8 on your car. email and my guys with a style you like and they will advise on the best setup.

  10. javier silva

    12. Nov, 2011

    hey, what is the best staggered setup for my 92 mitsubishi 3000gt VR4? i would like to know because it is 4 wheel drive.

  11. Simon Binner

    26. Jan, 2012

    Hi Javier,

    I wouldn’t recommend a staggered setup on 4WD vehicles.

    If you wanted to go for a stance look I would recommend 17×9.5 or 18×9.5 all around.


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