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5 things you should know before buying your Pipercross panel filter
  • Europes #1 foam air filter manufacturer!
  • You are buying it from the UKs #1 online Pipercross dealer
  • Every filter has a lifetime warranty
  • You never need to buy another one for your car (EVER!) because the kit is fully cleanable
  • Pipercross replacement filters have better dirt retention than any other aftermarket filter

More Air = More Oxygen = More Power = Better MPG

Whats In it for you:
The easiest way to get better air flowing into your engine, fitting a Pipercross panel filter usually takes less than 2 minutes because they are truely direct fit.

The benefits of choosing a Pipercross performance panel filter:
  • Fits directly into your standard airbox
  • Offers 30% more airflow than your standard paper filter
  • Increased dust capacity over your standard paper filter
  • Pipercross panel filters come Pre-oiled for your convenience
  • Filter cleaning kit available for when you decide to service your car

Why foam?
The unique foam used in Pipercross filters performs far better than cotton or paper filters - providing better filtration, better airflow and lasting longer between services.

Rectanguler Panel
  • Length: 248
  • Width: 129