Calling BMW owners

Exciting news announced, landed and ready to go from EBC Brakes.

The UK manufactured EBC Brakes range has just got better. EBC are the FIRST aftermarket manufacturer to offer a replacment performance disc.
With a very high demand EBC have now produced these lightweight 2-peice riveted brake discs to the range.
Produced with a highgrade alluminium bell riveted to a G3000 cast iron alloy disc ring have finished these discs with a superior quality and will fit directly onto the OE components.
Furthermore when they are available and in stock from as little as £346.80 for the pair they come in at a fraction of the cost comparing to main dealer pricing.
Offered is the standard disc, this is an OE equivalant with a plain face, built to a high quality and perfect for the job.
if you are looking for more, we also offer the GD (Grooved and dimpled) and the USR (Grooved) these two discs similar into performance, both allowing gasses to escape through the grooved and dimple patterns which will help in keeping the heat dispertion to a maximum.
All available through our very own EBCbrakeshop.co.uk
Applications ready to go.
Check out your car now HERE
ModelSize Front (MM)Plain disc - DLINKGrooved and dimpled disc - GDLINKGrooved disc - USRLINKSize Rear (MM)Plain disc - DLINKGrooved and dimpled disc - GDLINKGrooved disc - USRLINK
M135i/M140/228i/M235i/M240i 340x30D2064RBUY NOWGD2064RBUY NOWUSR2064RBUY NOW345X24D2067RBUY NOWGD2067RBUY NOWUSR2067RBUY NOW
328-240 (F30/F34) and 435-440 (F36)370x30D2069RBUY NOWGD2069RBUY NOWUSR2069RBUY NOW345X24D2068RBUY NOWGD2068RBUY NOWUSR2068RBUY NOW
330 (F34) and 435-440 (F33/F36)340x30D2064RBUY NOWGD2064RBUY NOWUSR2064RBUY NOW345X24D2068RBUY NOWGD2068RBUY NOWUSR2068RBUY NOW
535-550 (E60/E61) and 635-650 (E63/E64)348x36D1389R
540-545 (E60/E61) and 630-645 (E63/E64)348x30D1390RBUY NOW--USR1390RBUY NOW345X24D2070RBUY NOW--USR2070RBUY NOW
520-550 (F07) and 640-650 (F06/F13) and 730-740 (F01/F04/G11 and G12) 348x36D1818RBUY NOW--USR1818RBUY NOW345X24D1819RBUY NOW--USR1819RBUY NOW
518-525 (F10/F11)330x24D1816RBUY NOW--USR1816RBUY NOW330X20D1817RBUY NOW--USR1817RBUY NOW
518-530 (F10/F11)348x30D1802RBUY NOW--USR1802RBUY NOW330X20D1817RBUY NOW--USR1817RBUY NOW
550 (F07/F10/F11) and 640-650 (F06/F12/F13)374x36D1795RBUY NOW--USR1795RBUY NOW345X24D1819RBUY NOW--USR1819RBUY NOW
530-540 (E60/E61) and 530-640 (G32) and 730-740 (G11/G12)348x36D2065RBUY NOW----345X20D2066RBUY NOW----
X6 (E71)385x36D1595RBUY NOW--USR1595RBUY NOW385X24D1596RBUY NOW--USR1596RBUY NOW


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