So we’re impressed, Workers Whips has got such a following we decided to up the ante.
The Director of the company let us do a post on his car (which is rather apparent by the sudden increase of the cars’ value). We pushed back the cracking Civic and Golf that were lined up next (who blames us?) and got the questions answered! We really hope you appreciate this one.  So sit back relax and enjoy the supercar goodness.


What made you buy the R8?

Having had a Gen 1 R8 and loved it and driven some other similar prices sports/super cars, none of them excited me the way the V10 R8 did.

What have you done to the R8?

Firstly I got a full Remus exhaust, with vacuum valves, it makes an epic sound, both with valves open and closed. Then a pair of development spec Pipercross air filters within the original airbox. It was then treated to a day on Litchfields dyno with the end result being 633HP. Following this a full Vorsteiner aero kit including front splitter, rear diffuser and a large rear wing. With the final addition of Vorsteiner flowformed wheels it now has more power and presence than the more expensive Plus model (we certainly agree with this ).

What got you into cars?

Having worked in the performance industry for almost 20 years, it has always been an interest, straight from school, modifying my first car (Fiat Uno 903CC ).

(We are deffinitley getting quite the first car list, I’m feeling a poll coming on, which one would you choose? The Fiat Uno, Suzuki Alto or Volkswagen Polo?).


Anything else planned?

I have nothing else planned, I keep getting pushed in to getting Air, with a full Airrex kit, but not sure at the moment. I fancy a possible change to a few new projects.

What is your dream car?

I really can’t put one car down, my dreams change daily, but loving a Liberty walk Ferrari 488, or possibly a Porsche 918.


Does it hurt knowing that the Honda Civic Type-R goes round the Nurburgring quicker?

Hurt, not really. I wouldn’t want to drive so fast that no one saw me in it. On the plus side it could get you to the Job centre faster ?

Favourite part of owning the R8? It has to be the sound, the pops and bangs are amazing, but every day drivability and the new virtual cockpit are my favourite bits.


Office Conclusion

I think we need to appreciate the standard that this car brings, I hope you readers are not looking for this everytime, (but we can certainly try). The Vorsteiner kit really does help give this already eye pleasing vehicle that presence, when it enters the car park in the morning. The lip on the front just offers more aggression as you see it stalk you like a cheetah on the prowel. The Rear diffuser might be one of the most aggressive diffusers I have seen on a road car. The carbon finish and the way it meshes with the car is undescriable. I mean how can something look so aggressive yet look like it belongs there? Anyone who is not familiar with the rear end of an R8 wouldn’t know that it is not normal. Then to be completly submerged by the wing, this GT style spoiler improves the cars’ looks even further allowing a more dominant ‘Track’ like look. However, it offers that downforce that the car really will need at its top speed. One thing we really wish we could squeeze through the speakers is the sound of this V10, partnered with the Remus system (which we can offer ). With the valves open, the engine sound is projected not to your ears but to your heart, you will fall in love.



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