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As you all know we have been working on our own Hyundai i30N used daily by myself adding products as the months go on. After many people have seen, commented, driven and experienced our i30N the feedback has been nothing but positive with it’s power delivery, how it feels on the road and especially the sound it produces, We POTN have created a package, the products we are currently running combined to create something perfect.

We are still working with many manufactures with these parts and will amend the package as the list grows. all these parts have been fitted, tested and used daily on our own I30N. Purchase the package to make a massive saving.

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At the moment, in the package you will receive;

The Pipercross Performance Air Filter fitting snug in the OEM Box.


The Pipercross I30N direct replacement filter, This is designed to match the original filters design in shape and fitting however using the Pipercross high performance foam filter it will help produce more BHP better MPG and louder intake noise. The filter is very easy to fit taking only around 15 seconds, but offering imediate improvements. Partnered with supporting modifcations, such as the below the Pipercorss filter will be less restrictive over standard and will help you start improving the vehicle. The Pipercross filter has become one the best selling filters of 2018 very quickly for good reason, PIpercross used the POTN car for development on this filter and have not looked back, it comes oiled and only needs cleaning on your usual service plan, with plenty of savings to be made with it’s lifetime warranty, it will only cost you this once, service after service just simply clean the filter and re-install.

Part number PX1999 RRP £49.99. Lifetime warranty.


A lovely shot of the Eibach springs of the box and springs you will receive for the Hyundai i30N

Eibach Performance Pro-Kit springs, offering a 15mm drop, this sits perfectly on the i30N performance package, We found these to be a perfect suspension upgrade on the N, with better handling and what we found to be a more comfortable ride over the standard springs, with no negative effects at all for example not being able to get over speed bumps or tyre rubbing. We took a Standard i30N out on track with mine on the Eibach springs and did plenty of testing with the Eibach engineers over here in the UK, on UK roads, UK tracks. The same Eibach that develop for Formula 1, BTCC, Formula E, using the same material and bringing the same knowledge to the road. I have to admit the difference is impressive, we found it to be a very compliant spring in N mode at lower speeds without loosing any handling and better at the top end of the speedo around the corner.

Part number E10-42-040-06-22 RRP £288.00. 5 years warranty.

A clear shot of the Remus exhaust with carbon tips for the Hyundai i30N Performance

The Remus Exhaust full system exhaust with Carbon tips. The Remus brand is probably the best exhaust manufacturer on the market, with the highest quality finish and product and works completly with the original valving system on the exhaust. The Remus exhaust for the I30N is one of the nicest sounding products on the market with more crackles and more pops. with the valving this can all be turned off and just left with a nicer deeper tone then standard with the push of the button, our package and vehicle is fitted with the Carbon tips but free to get in touch or see the Remus exhaust on it’s own for different tip options. Offering around 10 BHP gain. We had ours installed within half hour of receiving the car. Making the vehicle a real head turner as the anti-lag kicks in every gear change.

Part number 286017 1500/00426 70CS RRP £1431.60. 2 years warranty.

A close up of the absolutley stunning Remus exhaust on the Hyundai i30N

The Remus Powerizer, Time for some power, the i30N Performance is no stranger to power offering 275 BHP as standard, however the Powerizer takes it to the next level making it one of the highest HP hatchbacks on the market, taking it up to 313BHP and a whopping 423NM of Torque, this is with no other modifications on a standard engine, not only that…this is a plug and play system and can be installed and uninstalled (for whatever reason) in minutes. We highly reccomend this product, the boost is much more present at the higher end of the RPM range as we found standard this drops off.

Part number POW060704 RRP £531.13.

Remus Powerizer for the Hyundai i30N Performance giving you 313BHP

Currently we are working with Forge to create a blow off valve and intercooler, these should be available by the end of December, these products will be  EXCLUSIVE to POTN so watch out for these products. Pipercross are currently developing their intake system and will have a promotion to those who have purchased the filter upgrade from us.

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The Forge blow off has landed, with more stock landing before Christmas 2018!

with the ability to have it atmospheric or a recirc valve giving you the opportunity to have it sound and feel how you want it.

this product has been manufactured to the highest quality not to be missed out on!

buy it here!

We retail in the best branded wheels on the market and can offer a wheel package for this vehicle. OZ and Rota do some fanfastic wheels, OZ coming from the dealerships on certain i30N packages.

Get this package on Finance.

From as little as £30.39 a month, (48 monthly payments with a 50% deposit @19.5% APR) smallest deposit size is 10% = please email to arrange Finance at sales@potn.co.uk

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The POTN Hyundai i30N, sitting on Eibach springs

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