HOT OFF THE PRESS!! Civic FK2 Spacers soon to Land!

HONDA CIVIC FK2 Spacers soon to land!


The ever so admired Honda Civic FK2 with it’s ostentatiously attractive body, has always been a difficult Vehicle for wheels and spacers as it has a very unique fitment,

The guys at Eibach, although took a little while have finally done it!

Spacers are landing soon expected in the UK stock around Mid to Late september  so kits are available to pre order.

Ranging from 15mm to 25mm per side.


  • S90-4-15-031 – £129.99 = 15mm spacer
  • S90-4-18-002 – £135.00 = 18mm spacer
  • S90-4-20-045 – £140.00=  20mm spacer
  • S90-4-25-065 – £144.99=  25mm spacer

Using the POTN Powered Eibach Shop, giving you the expert knowledge and quick shipping you can get yours on pre order.

just email us at for more infomation and to pre-order.

or call on 01604 212143



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