There is one thing you need to do if your passion is Cars and that is to keep an eye on The Performance Company.

A UK based distribution company with a lot to boast about. They have the UK and Europe exclusive distrubution of brands such as Remus, Liberty Walk and AirRex to name a few.

After the absolutley OUTRAGEOUS Liberty Walk Mini they did, which was a first in the UK by the way, they are now set on the next release!

#Projectmustang. The Mustang is their latest venture, the thing is with Mustangs, they already come loud with an almost sinful feel about them.

Now imagine that feel but so much better when installing the Remus exhaust which can only be described as a beastly growl from the gates of Hell. Do not live in fear, with it being electronically valved, you can easily close the valve up and turn it down to a level that is more comfortable until it’s time to BRING THE NOISE again.


The next impressive feature this car has had installed is the AirRex Digitial Air suspension.


Fairly new in the UK, but making a very big splash and very much hand in hand with Liberty Walk cars. Both features could be seen on the Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari 458 which we were lucky enough to have as they blessed our shores for Autosport at the start of this year. With the high caliber of quality and expense these vehicles bring to the table, we found AirRex suited them so well helping to improve the Liberty Walk kit further by adding functionalitly but allowing it to be dropped on the floor when needed, without loosing the Supercar handling.


The AirRex suspensions key selling point is the ease of install, with every kits’ shocks being specifically built for that model of car and the AirRex coming in a purpose built box giving you the most ideal size and protective material for it to sit in your boot and look good.

Keeping with the times aswell by releasing the mobile App, allowing the ride height be fully adjusted on your phone making it easier than scrolling through Facebook.


With all this it’s as easy as installing coilovers, just with Airlines threaded throughout the vehicle.

Well what could possibly be next?

The Guys over at TPC have the Liberty Walk kit on order, making it the next first here in the UK!

Keep an eye on our blog for more of the soon to be Liberty Walk Mustang.


If your interested in any of the products mentioned or are in the process of planning an idea like this just contact us:

Email: sales@potn.com

Telephone: 01604 212140


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